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Company profile

Discover our exceptional journey.

When Drake and Charisse Allen speak passionately about values, convictions, culture, and the concept of family, it’s not mere rhetoric–it’s a heartfelt commitment. Becoming a member of the DEA SECURITY team means joining a close-knit family business built on strong values and principles. Our values extend to the relationships we foster within DEA SECURITY, with our clients, and throughout the wider community.

Opportunity, inclusivity, empathy, growth, and achievement are shared cornerstones for every individual within the DEA SECURITY team. With a legacy spanning over four decades of leadership in security and life safety, DEA SECURITY has acted as a catalyst for technological advancements and service experiences— propelling not only individuals, but our entire industry.

Beyond our vital role in the industry, we take pride in our commitment to corporate responsibility and our genuine concern for the safety and security of people, possessions, and resources. As a 40-year-old family-owned enterprise, our dedication to values, principles, culture, and family is truly authentic.

Join us in shaping the new chapters of our remarkable journey.

DEA is focused on building strong relationships with technology partners and providing excellence in customer service. We understand that it costs more money to attract a new customer than it does to retain one and, more important, we know that a company who values quality service retains its customers.